Cultural Camp

Gaelic Park’s inaugural cultural camp in August 2013 offered children aged 6-12 the opportunity to learn about Irish traditions and history. Workshops  were offered in Irish dance, drama, language, music, art and sport.  These sessions allowed the children to actively participate and have fun as they learned.  Children chose 4 areas of interest, and spent time exploring these areas on each day of the camp.  Each morning opened with a fresh fruit snack and a group ice breaker, and then the kids were off to their first two workshops.  The group reconvened before lunch for a group activity and social period, with the second half of the day spent in two more workshops.  Each afternoon, the beautiful pitch at Gaelic Park was busy with hurling and football, and the day ended with ice cream sundaes for all.  All workshops were led by experts in the areas of Irish culture and language, Irish dance, drama, sports, Irish music and art.  The Cultural Camp is held every year during the month of August. Click here for 2017 Information and Registration Form